Thursday, November 01, 2007

A X P I ( 31/10/2007 19:54:00:11 )

…Trying to forget how to cry and how to bleed
I'm so scared of all their sins, their Wicked sins
That have domain through Ages of Mankind
Red Angels came to show us how to hurt and how to bleed
The Rings of fire reappear in this fucked up world
Where Demons laugh in front of me
My soul will search inside of Evil Minds to claim his Crown
Killing him will bring us back the light that
Has been buried behind his Wings of Fire
There is Sadness in my heart because I'm alone with my Sword
That will be raised against The Guards that keep The Beast alive
I must destroy Him with my Soul
Someday you will find The Switch
It will Burn The Beast beneath you
Always burning down
I'm so scared by those eyes as Dark as Night
What I'd become now?

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